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Social Media Isn’t Making You Miserable, Your Crappy Choices Are

“Whenever someone writes one of these screeds, they have to ignore that Twitter is entirely self-selecting. You chose who to follow. You chose to behave like a jerk, or a needy child, or a boor. Twitter didn’t make you an ass. Twitter gave you an opportunity to exhibit your lack of impulse control.” [Sicha/Awl]

As almost always (as much as I might like it, I cannot see into his soul, hence the “almost” qualifier) Choire Sicha nails it as he gently chides those who sob that social media is full of meanies.

I’ve been in an email conversation with an ex for a few days now about Facebook. He’s not on it at all, I am mostly because it’s kind of expected of someone in my line of “work.” I was telling him that he might like Twitter, because I like Twitter and I assume that someone I banged in the 80s and I are still on the same page about everything.
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Oakland Trib Tells Critics To Get Over It

“The UC Davis pepper spray incident prompted investigations and retirements because most people do not generally understand such protests. There was nothing at all wrong with pepper spraying the demonstrators at Davis, and I’m about to tell you why.” [Toussaint/Oakland Tribune]

I wonder if the Oakland Tribune is disappointed that its incendiary “My Word” op-ed entitled “Nothing wrong with pepper spraying of UC Davis protesters” has only generated 21 comments? (The average SF Gate article that just mentions cyclists gets a hundred times that in about 5 minutes. I guess we can’t all be winners?)

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Interview with MotorMouth on the return of #opBART (by pixplz)

On Aug. 12, 2011, I was drinking my morning coffee and reading Twitter when I noticed that Jacob Appelbaum had posted a link to a story about BART shutting down cell and wi-fi service in some of its stations the previous day. The reason for the shutdown? To thwart another protest against the July 3 killing of Charles Hill by a BART cop.

Within hours, people on Twitter started talking about organizing a new protest. @OpBART – “Born of spilled innocent blood and banned airwaves” – came to life, along with the #MuBARTek and #opBART hashtags.

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