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Why Aren’t You Reading This Magazine About What You Can Catch From Chickens And Corpses?

plagueThere is so much amazing stuff in February’s “Emerging Infectious Diseases” Journal from the CDC. By “amazing,” of course, I mean, stuff that will make you completely batshit (HA HA batshit!) paranoid.

I do not even know where to begin. Flu fun at the live poultry mart (oh, yeah, there’s a lot of poultry and pork stuff in this issue. Enjoy your Super Bowl ribs and wings platter)! A new strain of the plague! “Corpse-to-Human Transmission” of the Nipah virus!

If, like me, you read The Coming Plague like it was Stephen King (but written better) and are waiting for your copy of Spillover to arrive (I’m on the SF public library’s reserve list, it’s popular!), then fuck Vogue, this is the monthly for you. AND YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE.


Self-Plagiarism: A Defense (By Ramona Emerson)

These things go for, like, $30 million.

The newly minted New Yorker staff writer’s June 12 blog post ‘Why Smart People Are Stupid’ copied, at times word for word, three paragraphs from Lehrer’s 2011 Wall Street Journal story ‘The Science of Irrationality.’ The New Yorker has now appended editors’ notes to all five posts on Lehrer’s new blog Frontal Cortex. Those notes acknowledge that ‘paragraphs,’ ‘portions,’ or ‘details’ originally appeared in writing that Lehrer had done elsewhere. – Josh Levin, Slate

Self-plagiarism is tricky because it’s one of those things where people say it’s a thing, but are they lying? Isn’t so-called self-plagiarism basically just repeating yourself, and isn’t repeating yourself the polite thing to do if someone missed what you said the first time?

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