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Farewell, Dalek Designer

Dalek“’Before rehearsals started the cast and other members brought their children along and they were shown the Daleks and talked to the Dalek operators,’ he recalled. ‘But then when rehearsals started the operators got into the Daleks and started moving, and at that point all the children screamed and ran out of the studio.'” [The Telegraph]

Raymond Cusick, who designed the Daleks, the longstanding and beloved nemeses of Dr. Who, has died at age 84.

I love this — according the The Telegraph, Cusick originally explained to his BBC bosses how spooky the Daleks’ movements could by when “in the canteen, he picked up a condiment container, and steered it around the table.” EX TER MIN ATE!

Photo: studiofibonacci’s very sexy “exterminate!” patterned fabris, available at Spoonflower.


Another Piece Of Your Childhood, Possibly Ruined

charlie_brownAccording to The U-T San Diego, Peter Robbins, the actor who gave voice to Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, is expected to appear in court today to face “four felony counts of making a threat to cause death or great bodily injury and one felony count of stalking.”

According to Wikipedia, “While Robbins was replaced by other child actors in the Peanuts specials produced after 1969, his trademark scream of “AAUGGGHH!!”, first used in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, continued to be used in the later specials for Charlie Brown and other characters.”

According to the San Diego County jail’s website, Robbins is presently being held on $500,000 bail.

I Promise This Is Not Spam: How These People Make Money While Watching Netflix

“Tagging, along with his work as a freelance artist for television, movies and video games, allows Harty to pay rent on his modest apartment, which is decorated with little more than a Red Sox blanket on the couch. DVDs crowd a bookcase and shelves over his desk. A lottery ticket is pinned to a bulletin board.” [Fritz/Los Angeles Times]

Why did watching British supernatural roommates show Being Human make Netflix suggest Scottish lesbian roommates show Lip Service to me? It was probably the work of Greg Harty or one of his 40 colleagues, who “are paid several hundred dollars per week” to categorize the rental/streaming service’s offerings.

This sounds like one of those dream jobs that actually isn’t, and ruins your enjoyment of whatever thing drew you to the job in the first place. See: professional doughnut makes, pornographer, or blogger.

What Do You Call “Paralyzed Dog”? (by Tim Ehhalt)

Bob Harper’s dog, Karl, does “Roast Chicken”

Those of us who have a dog, or have dogs as pals, know that they all do this weird thing where they flatten their hind legs out behind them.

When we first saw this with our dog we called it “paralyzed.” Duh. “Hello, paralyzed dog!” Eve would say. “Hello!” as Franny dragged her back legs behind her.

One day at Brad’s house, one of his dogs did that and Eve said “Hey, paralyzed dog!” Brad corrected her. “Oh that?” He said “we call that ‘Roast Chicken.'” Even better! THIS was now the new term at our house.

Years later, at a client’s house, her gigantic lab did it. “We call that’The Frog,'” she told me. EVEN MORE better! I had finally hit the holy grail of terms defining ‘paralyzed.’ I so was happy.

A few weeks ago, while at another client’s house, I told her about the evolution of the phrase. Before I could finish, she exclaimed, very matter of factly, “Oh, you’re talking about ‘The Platypus.'”

I’m done. I can die now, I thought.

That is, until I saw this picture of Karl, The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper‘s dog.

Now, I wonder what Bob calls paralyzed?

UPDATE: Jill Ivey says “We call it the Superman,” Babe Scanlon says it’s called the “dog splat” in their household. Still no word on what it’s called at Bob Harper’s house.

NY Times Reader Questions Attractiveness And Skin Color Of Alaskans

Too cute to be an Alaskan?

“There’s a girl in the commercial, smiling and eating a taco. She’s gorgeous. Maybe I’m wrong, but she’s awfully light-skinned, and looks pretty polished, for the middle-of-nowhere Alaska.” [Elliott/NYT]

A concerned Times reader thinks they’re calling bullshit on a commercial for the Doritos Locos Taco, a taco from Taco Bell with a shell made out of Dorito.

Citing this commercial, the Times reader expresses some interesting ideas about how folks who like in Alaska should look, apparently never having seen the Palin family (pretty light skinned!), Northern Exposure or that Anne Heche advice show.

Speaking of Doritos Locos tacos, which TB “launched” in March and reportedly sold over 100 million of by June, on Monday Taco Bell said they’d sold 100 million more. That makes the DL taco the “the most successful product launch in Taco Bell’s 50-year history.”

Fat Designer Calls Woman Fat (by Rain Jokinen)

Pot? Meet Kettle.
On almost every season of “Project Runway,” they do a challenge that involves creating an outfit for “real women.” And inevitably, every season at least one designer starts to bitch about how hard it is to design for a figure that is not a six-foot-tall size two. And every season it makes me want to blow my brains out.

Last night, the completely devoid of emotion or filter Ven Budhu, had to design for a woman who was plus-sized, and not prone to dresses. Granted, she obviously was not comfortable with the whole scenario, but unless you’re a designer who jumps straight to Milan-produced couture, (which, yeah, as if that would happen, ever), you’re gonna have to deal with clients. You’re gonna have to deal with difficult clients. If you want to make money, you have to try your best to make them happy

Ven (who is not a small man!) was unable to, and was just a complete ass the entire time (you can watch the episode below if you don’t believe me). Complaining how unfair it was that some designers got thinner models; pointedly telling his woman that none of the belts he picked out would fit her; constantly bitching that her style was awful, and her proportions “all wrong.”

And if you think he was just a victim of editing, take a look at his bilious Twitter feed. He’s convinced he was set up to fail. But if he was as good a designer as he claims to be, he should be able to win any challenge, right?

The bottom line is this: if a designer is unable to make a nice dress for a woman who’s a size fourteen, the fault is not with the size of the woman. The fault lies with the designer just plain sucking.