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Can You Buy Wisdom For $400 (Or More)?

“One bit of truth I do hold self-evident for myself, however, is that the chance of finding Wisdom 1.0 or 2.0 while wearing a nametag at an indoor conference on a beautiful day is close to nil.” [Strickland/Civic Center]

In a graceful skewering of the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, which is intended to address “the great challenge of our age: to not only live connected to one another through technology, but to do so in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being, effective in our work, and useful to the world” (why not? I guess), Michael Strickland ponders the likelihood that one will actually find wisdom at a conference.

Tickets to Wisdom 2.0 ran from $400-$1500 (plus a $7.95 fee). The wisdom seeking activities Strickland proposes, “Swimming naked in the ocean, walking in a redwood forest, talking with a sympathetic friend, playing a game at a municipal golf course, or concentrating on a book,” are all pretty close to free.


Dog Poop DNA Matching: A Natural Fit For SF?

“I was a little surprised…usually because I pick up after myself…most people do. But I was surprised myself. Especially the fine. Being $250 is a little pricey.” [CBS DFW]

“I am so surprised this didn’t happen in SF first,” a friend said to me when I sent her this article on a Texas apartment complex that is using DNA evidence to nab folks who don’t pick up their dog’s shit.

PooPrints, the company providing the DNA matching service, has been mocked on the Colbert Report and has pissed of South Dakota pet owners with their registration fees, reportedly had clients in 28 states as of last year.

So what’s keeping San Francisco, a city known for pet ownership and shit (some of it dog) on the sidewalks? Maybe the problem is that the nearest PooPrints distributor is in LA.

But if you have 20 grand to spend, you can get your own PooPrints distro going. All you need to do is convince a local legislator that the tickets for unpicked poop are the key to municipal riches. I’m imagining that public comment period and snickering already.

Yes, You Need To Watch A Big Trouble In Little China/Gangnam Style Parody Right Now

Until now, I’ve been relatively unmoved by the Gangnam Style craze, in large part because it is no Rhythm is a Dancer, am I right, fellow folks who remember their 90s gay bar experiences?

But I am totally in the tank for this parody, which actually contains an appearance by James Hong, who not only played the baddie in John Carpenter’s San Francisco set classic Big Trouble in Little China, but was the host in the infamous Chinese Restaurant episode of Seinfeld. Did I mention he is 83 years old? James Hong rules!

When Mod Met Mead

Junior High Pee-Chee - Back

“In case you grew up outside of Pee-Chee territory, the folder was, as you might guess, peachy-yellow in color, with vertical side pockets on the interior rather than the more common horizontal pocket at the base. The inside contained multiplication tables and other practical reference charts for students. The outside was adorned with line drawings of young people playing sports. The illustrations are iconic (to those in the know), yet pretty boring.” [Rich/Smithsonian]

“My jr. high Pee-Chee folder is featured in a post on the Smithsonian blog,” Winnower contrib Rain Jokinen emailed me.

And so it was, in a post on Frances Golden, the man who “the man who, 48 years ago, doodled the coed athletes on top of which millions of students would doodle inappropriate appendages, death metal band names, and screeds against substitute teachers.”

And what was the thinking behind Rain’s doodles, which you can see above and below? According to her, the backstory to her Pee-Chee art was an aspirational one: “I wanted to be a mod when I was in junior high, so most of the stuff is related to that…”

Rain, any time you want to come over and ride my Vespa, just say the word.

Junior High Pee-Chee - Front

The Best and/or Weirdest Free Shit on Bay Area Craigslist Right Now (by Laura)

I’ve recently put some choice items up on CL and I noticed that the good stuff, it goes fast. And the shitty stuff? It also goes fast! Like I said over on Twitter (you’ve heard of it?), “i love selling stuff on craigslist, it’s such a rush! you get to stalk people and make money at the same time, THIS IS LIVING.”

In celebration of all the finery that the S.F. Bay Area Craigslist free section has to offer, I’ve weeded through the free mattresses and organic dirt to pick some freebies you need to holler at right now. Enjoy!

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