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Why Aren’t You Reading This Magazine About What You Can Catch From Chickens And Corpses?

plagueThere is so much amazing stuff in February’s “Emerging Infectious Diseases” Journal from the CDC. By “amazing,” of course, I mean, stuff that will make you completely batshit (HA HA batshit!) paranoid.

I do not even know where to begin. Flu fun at the live poultry mart (oh, yeah, there’s a lot of poultry and pork stuff in this issue. Enjoy your Super Bowl ribs and wings platter)! A new strain of the plague! “Corpse-to-Human Transmission” of the Nipah virus!

If, like me, you read The Coming Plague like it was Stephen King (but written better) and are waiting for your copy of Spillover to arrive (I’m on the SF public library’s reserve list, it’s popular!), then fuck Vogue, this is the monthly for you. AND YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE.


Keep An Eye Out For A Press Release From Franzia

“While Broughton told police he remembered participating in a drinking game with fellow members of the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter, he denied having an alcohol enema. Police concluded otherwise from evidence they found at the frat house, including boxes of Franzia Sunset Blush wine.” [Schelzig/AP]

It’s not enough that some kid almost died from booze up his butt, but that booze had to be a box of fucking FRANZIA.

Predatory Feline Disrupts Local Co-Op Business

This is an actual photo I took at the egg section at Other Avenues, a co-op grocery in my nabe.

The ducks have reason for alarm, as the mountain lion vs duck story has gone badly (for the duck) before. Ugh, do not do what I just did and google “mountain lion duck,” there are some pretty gnarly pictures out there.

NY Times Reader Questions Attractiveness And Skin Color Of Alaskans

Too cute to be an Alaskan?

“There’s a girl in the commercial, smiling and eating a taco. She’s gorgeous. Maybe I’m wrong, but she’s awfully light-skinned, and looks pretty polished, for the middle-of-nowhere Alaska.” [Elliott/NYT]

A concerned Times reader thinks they’re calling bullshit on a commercial for the Doritos Locos Taco, a taco from Taco Bell with a shell made out of Dorito.

Citing this commercial, the Times reader expresses some interesting ideas about how folks who like in Alaska should look, apparently never having seen the Palin family (pretty light skinned!), Northern Exposure or that Anne Heche advice show.

Speaking of Doritos Locos tacos, which TB “launched” in March and reportedly sold over 100 million of by June, on Monday Taco Bell said they’d sold 100 million more. That makes the DL taco the “the most successful product launch in Taco Bell’s 50-year history.”

Fruit Is Trying To Kill You

Seriously, can we eat ANYTHING anymore? Both published today:

“A DNA test has revealed that cantaloupe from Chamberlain Farms in Owensville, Indiana is the source of at least some of the salmonella responsible for an outbreak that sickened people in 21 states and killed two Kentucky residents” [Jaslow/CBS]

“Recent cases of salmonella infection in California are part of a cluster of cases in several states and Canada that appear to be linked to tainted mangoes, health officials say. At least 73 Californians have been sickened in recent weeks by salmonella Braenderup, according to the California Department of Public Health.” [Trounson/LA Times]

According to the USDA, “Salmonella is usually transmitted to humans by eating foods contaminated with animal feces.” So maybe I should have headlined this “Animal Poop Is Trying To Kill You.” But you probably knew poop was out to get you already.

Long Live the New Flesh

Long Live the New Flesh

“For me, the real problem with the Pizzabon is, for all of the company rhetoric about wanting ‘to innovate to satisfy the demands of old customers and to create some new ones,’ and wanting customers ‘to find everything they want in one place,’ I never DIDN’T go to Cinnabon because they didn’t offer a savory snack version that tasted like a pizza.” [Brock/Serious Eats]

When Cinnabon announced that at least one location would have a pizza offering, the internet (as it does) had many thoughts.

Serious Eats’ Todd Brock went beyond the press release reblog to try the chain’s creation at Atlanta’s Cumberland Mall (which is the only place they are served thus far). His review damns the Pizzabon with faint praise, in my estimation.

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