Licorice-Loving Rodent Threatened By New Neighbors

TundraVole23“There might be tough times ahead for the poor little tundra vole, for example, which will need to elude more foxes, badgers, pine martens, stoats, weasels, polecats, and mink.” [West/Grist]

Thanks to Winnower pal John, I now have a new thing to worry about — the fate of the microtus oeconomus (aka the tundra vole), whose territory might be seeing a 40% increase in predators by 2080.

According to Wikipedia (where I get all my tundra vole news), the tundra vole digs “underground burrows where it stores seeds and roots, especially licorice root, for the winter. The species epithet oeconomus refers to this ‘economical’ behaviour.”