Another Angle On “Like A Duck Out Of Water”

Do you think ducks are cute? If so, the above video just improved your concentration, if a single Japanese study is to be believed. You can thank me later!

ANYWAY, that video! according to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, about a year after 160 fowl were discovered to be “living with a hoarder in appalling conditions,” the rescue org was able to take over the care of these ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens. It was not easy — in the end, it was a judge’s seizure warrant that got the birds into the rescue org’s care.

“For the first time in their lives two dozen recently rescued ducks get their first taste of life in a pond,” Woodstock says about the above video, which was posted last week.

I’ve watched it, like, three times and now my concentration is so amazing that everyone should just watch out.