When Mod Met Mead

Junior High Pee-Chee - Back

“In case you grew up outside of Pee-Chee territory, the folder was, as you might guess, peachy-yellow in color, with vertical side pockets on the interior rather than the more common horizontal pocket at the base. The inside contained multiplication tables and other practical reference charts for students. The outside was adorned with line drawings of young people playing sports. The illustrations are iconic (to those in the know), yet pretty boring.” [Rich/Smithsonian]

“My jr. high Pee-Chee folder is featured in a post on the Smithsonian blog,” Winnower contrib Rain Jokinen emailed me.

And so it was, in a post on Frances Golden, the man who “the man who, 48 years ago, doodled the coed athletes on top of which millions of students would doodle inappropriate appendages, death metal band names, and screeds against substitute teachers.”

And what was the thinking behind Rain’s doodles, which you can see above and below? According to her, the backstory to her Pee-Chee art was an aspirational one: “I wanted to be a mod when I was in junior high, so most of the stuff is related to that…”

Rain, any time you want to come over and ride my Vespa, just say the word.

Junior High Pee-Chee - Front


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  1. pixplz Post author

    “I ❤ Erik" reminds me of the time in the 7th grade when I had a Pee-Chee folder and had written "ILBC" on it, which stood for I Love Becky C******. As if I could keep my crush a secret by concealing it in an acronym. (I did not have a girlfriend until many, many years later.)

    One day in PE we were in the gym learning how to climb ropes, and for some reason I had my Pee-Chee with me. Some of the ladies in the class wanted to see what I'd written on it, so in a panic I crossed out "ILBC" – but with an erasable Paper Mate pen. They quickly got their hands on the Pee-Chee, began erasing, and figured out right away what the letters meant. Climbing a rope came easy but I sucked at using school supplies for expressing (and hiding) my feelings!

    What ever happened to Erik, I wonder.

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