The Best and/or Weirdest Free Shit on Bay Area Craigslist Right Now (by Laura)

I’ve recently put some choice items up on CL and I noticed that the good stuff, it goes fast. And the shitty stuff? It also goes fast! Like I said over on Twitter (you’ve heard of it?), “i love selling stuff on craigslist, it’s such a rush! you get to stalk people and make money at the same time, THIS IS LIVING.”

In celebration of all the finery that the S.F. Bay Area Craigslist free section has to offer, I’ve weeded through the free mattresses and organic dirt to pick some freebies you need to holler at right now. Enjoy!

1. FREE Books and FREE Bookcase (berkeley north / hills). There’s a book in there titled WHY CATS PAINT. Is the sky still blue? I can’t imagine this hasn’t been taken yet.

2. Hungry? One unopened box of cereal.

3. Two boxes of large adult diapers. For some reason this post made me really sad. Maybe it’s probably because someone passed away and they don’t need their diapers anymore but part of me thinks that maybe they just had a really fat baby who just got potty trained.

4. They claim this vanity is “art deco-ish” but I argue that it’s just crazy. I kinda love it and think it’s worth it, even if just for the AWESOME matching chair.

5. Dudes, it’s a FREE PIANO. Those are like millions of dollars, what is happening!? Even if you can’t play, you should at least buy it to drop on someone’s head.

6. And finally, candle making, crafts, Barbie stuff. Just a bunch of free stuff.