I Promise This Is Not Spam: How These People Make Money While Watching Netflix

“Tagging, along with his work as a freelance artist for television, movies and video games, allows Harty to pay rent on his modest apartment, which is decorated with little more than a Red Sox blanket on the couch. DVDs crowd a bookcase and shelves over his desk. A lottery ticket is pinned to a bulletin board.” [Fritz/Los Angeles Times]

Why did watching British supernatural roommates show Being Human make Netflix suggest Scottish lesbian roommates show Lip Service to me? It was probably the work of Greg Harty or one of his 40 colleagues, who “are paid several hundred dollars per week” to categorize the rental/streaming service’s offerings.

This sounds like one of those dream jobs that actually isn’t, and ruins your enjoyment of whatever thing drew you to the job in the first place. See: professional doughnut makes, pornographer, or blogger.