Georgia Tech Can Apparently Play Google, But SF Must Play SF

Sadly, not a photo from The Internship

“And now that the Allen caravan has come and gone, scan the streets next week for Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who’ll be here shooting ‘The Internship.'” [Garchik/Chron]

Looks like The Internship, reportedly a comedy in which “Vaughn and Wilson play old-school salesmen who, finding themselves suddenly unemployed and passed-by in the digital world, try to reinvent themselves by becoming interns at a major tech company,” also filmed in Atlanta, where Googlish things happened.

According to Mashable, that’s because the movie was shot in a “replicated Google environment at Georgia Tech.” I am already looking forward to overly literal critiques of the film focused on inaccurate representation of Google decor, etc. from local viewers. That’s going to be fun.