Local Print-Reading Tween Applauds Advice Columnist

“Dear Abby: I am an 11-year-old boy who lives in San Francisco. I read your column in The San Francisco Chronicle every day. I love your thinking and wish I could be as sensible as you. I just wanted to ask: How old do you think someone should be to read your column? I know your column can be possibly inappropriate but love reading it anyway.” [Phillips/UPI]

Do you buy this? An 11 year old boy who 1) reads the print paper, 2) uses the word “sensible,” 3) is writing fan mail to “Dear Abby.” Aren’t tweens supposed to be huffing, slumping, and having “special relationships” with “predators”?

Not that I am complaining! Good for this tweenaged gentleman and his love of Dear Abby. He and I would have been very good friends all through middle and high school, I suspect.


1 thought on “Local Print-Reading Tween Applauds Advice Columnist

  1. MBR

    When I was 11, Dear Abby and Ask Marilyn were my bread and butter. Jr high was a time of great sorrow for me.

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