The Test Of Civility

Malcolm Smith/The Stranger

“The noises were coming from apartment 606, 30 feet from my door. The door to 606 was shut. I had no idea who lived there. One of the neighbors standing in the hallway, who introduced himself as Tom, started filling me in. He had been in bed just a few minutes before midnight when he heard the screams. Tom and another neighbor I’d never met, Dharma, who lives on the opposite end of the hall, had been the first to come out of their apartments to see what the trouble was. The woman in 606 had answered her door wearing only her underwear, they said, and Tom and Dharma had talked to her.” [Frizzelle/Stranger]

“This is worth stopping what you’re doing and reading,” said Matt Baume about this article. And since it is the weekly slack-off holiday known as “Friday,” you probably have enough time to unpack this heartbreaking story that covers urban isolation, old trauma revisited, mental illness, and the role some believe cannabis plays in psychotic episodes.