Advice: When covering protests, what should journalists do to avoid getting thrown in jail? (by pixplz)

To help answer this question, let’s turn to the micro-blogging service Twitter, where journalism students recently “live tweeted” a Berkeley J-School discussion panel comprised of some Very Serious and Sensible People . . .

Because, you see, only cool journalists get arrested! But is this really the best advice? One Berkeley J-School alum says not so fast!

Some people on Twitter – I wanna say cool journalists, but then I’d feel kinda bad? – seemed to agree:

Still, just look at how this underemployed j-school grad dresses himself while out on assignment for no one in particular:

pixplz wearing a black hoodie

Me, trying to look uncool. Or am I?

All right, maybe safety does trump style when it comes to keeping the cops away. From our esteemed editor here at The Winnower and non-j-school-alum Eve, this:

A white t-shirt with text that reads, "Please don't arrest me! As you can see from my uncool, white t-shirt, I am not a protester"

So look, here’s this most likely uncool j-school grad’s advice to you:

And if the cops try to mess with you because of your wardrobe, you could try giving them a taste of one of these:

Or, you know, you could just perform some acts of journalism on them?

What do YOU think journalists should do to avoid going to jail while reporting on the social unrest? Give us your tips in the comments!

Update: Here is Twitter user @geoffwking’s reaction, which has helped me arrive at having a new insight!


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  1. Brock Keeling

    Write about pop-up restaurants and bar openings! That’s what many self-declared journos do in SF.

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