Five Years Later: Pondering Veronica Mars, Season Four

I’m all for actors moving on in their careers, even when they played beloved characters who left us too soon. But no one wants Harrison Ford to only play Han Solo,* though, right? But what if we could just get a tiny bit more of them in their iconic role, would we want it? In Veronica Mars’ case, I say “yes.”

I like Kristen Bell, which is a good thing because she is pretty much everywhere these days promoting Hit and Run (in theaters now). Winnower pal Peter Hartlaub gave the movie an alert little man, so I am sure it is fine. And she’s done lots of other good work — she was great in Deadwood and Party Down (I am kind of ambivalent about Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but that’s not Bell’s fault), and people seem to like House of Lies, which I have yet to steal from the internet is apparently not yet available on DVD. But I think many of us still think of Bell, fondly, as Veronica Mars.

So seeing Bell promoting this new film on talk show after talk show, being cool and funny, naturally makes me nostalgic for Veronica Mars, because I am human. And it doesn’t help that there are things like 2007’s pilot for a fourth season of the show out there (that’s it embedded above and below, it’s also in the VM Season 3 DVD set) and annual stories — sourced, no less — quoting Bell and series creator Rob Thomas as saying they’d like to make a Mars movie. How can I be expected to let go, when the actual people who were part of the show can’t seem to?

I am sure Bell is having a great time, what with making a movie with her partner and meeting sloths. And far be it from me to argue that anyone should stick with their earlier work, no matter how applauded — if I believed in that, I’d still be bringing home leftovers from Cinnabon.

But sometimes, when things get rough, I watch the VM: S4 pilot and muse about what might have been. Is that so wrong?

*This might actually not be true. Also, did you see this Indiana Jones/Han Solo crossover comic? If you are easily depressed, do not click on this link to see it.