Phyllis Diller is Dead. Yes, We Know You Thought She Died Several Years Ago. (by Laura)

Super sad news that I bet you thought already happened many years ago: Phyllis Diller has died.

Now, a teaching moment. I’ve felt a special connection to Diller since I was living in Alameda’s old naval air base in 2002, where I were housed about 10,000 foster dogs, lived in a total sty (please see: housed 10,000 foster dogs), and I wasn’t working toward any kind of a career/goals/dreams/hopes/ability to go outside. Anyway, one evening, I was watching an E! True Hollywood Story about Diller’s life, and about 15 minutes in, she’s talking about how she was living on the Alameda naval air base and was absolutely miserable. She was young, stuck, and knew she had to bust out of this hell hole and finally follow her dreams. Then, E! cuts to: THE OUTSIDE OF THE APARTMENT I WAS LIVING IN. The exact. same. apartment. Except it was even more depressing because it was about 50 years later so the place was really falling apart, two of my foster dogs were clearly trying to escape out of the front yard in E!’s B-roll, AND I LIVED THERE. I was living in Diller’s darkest days, and I knew that I, too, had to escape.

To this day, I thank Diller for the wake up call, and I strive every day (well, most days) (okay, some days), to honor her memory by LIVING OUT LOUD. Like Diller says, “aim high, and you won’t shoot your foot off.”

Thanks, funny lady pioneer, I will try not to shoot my foot off! I don’t know where I’m going with this because I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING WITH MY LIFE but basically, Diller’s the best, and everyone, please follow your goddamned dreams because there’s no time left, you might not get the 5,000 years that Diller had. Make it happen, little dreamers.


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