Long Live the New Flesh

Long Live the New Flesh

“For me, the real problem with the Pizzabon is, for all of the company rhetoric about wanting ‘to innovate to satisfy the demands of old customers and to create some new ones,’ and wanting customers ‘to find everything they want in one place,’ I never DIDN’T go to Cinnabon because they didn’t offer a savory snack version that tasted like a pizza.” [Brock/Serious Eats]

When Cinnabon announced that at least one location would have a pizza offering, the internet (as it does) had many thoughts.

Serious Eats’ Todd Brock went beyond the press release reblog to try the chain’s creation at Atlanta’s Cumberland Mall (which is the only place they are served thus far). His review damns the Pizzabon with faint praise, in my estimation.

This announcement made me quite nostalgic, as in 1987 I was employed at the (since shuttered, I am told) Cinnabon at the Greenwood Park Mall. Back then, the only variable Cinnabon offered was the amount of icing on your roll. Things sure have changed!

When reached via Facebook, however, a former colleague was unsurprised at the Pizzabon news.

“Dreamt up by stoner mangers, no doubt.” was her take. Which, our manager was SUCH a stoner, oh my god. We’d walk in a back room and the smoke would be so thick it was like a parody of a stoner movie.

Also, it was great when our manager would drop acid then decide she needed to go out front and “work.” Was the Pizzabon the result of a bad, no, terrible trip? Brock’s photos of his disemboweled roll (especially this one) make the Pizzabon look Cronenbergesque enough to suggest that this is a possibility.


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  1. Kathy

    That settles it! I’m going to Avondale Pizza to get some dinner. No danger of bringing home a sugar bomb by mistake. How could folks in the Cinnabon test kitchens not know that half the joy of good pizza is good sauce?

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