Behold: Brendan Fraser’s Next Nemesis

Separated at birth? L: a Chinchorro mummy. R: Jason Voorhees

“‘Imagine living in the barren desert with barely anything, just sand and stone,’ [ecologist Pablo Marquet] says. Barely anything, that is, except for hundreds, if not thousands, of dead bodies that never decay. One would feel ‘compelled somehow to relate’ to the corpses” [Underwood/ScienceNow]

The Chonchorros beat the Egyptians to that whole mummy thing by about 3000 years. So why do those guys get all the credit (unless you count The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which we won’t, because as much as I love Maria Bello, she’s no Rachel Weisz)?

Look at this:

After removing the skin to be dried, [the Chonchorros] scooped out the organs and stuffed the body with clay, dried plants, and sticks. Once they reattached the skin, embalmers painted the mummy shiny black or red and put a black wig on its head. Covering the corpses’ faces were clay masks, some molded into an open-mouthed expression that later inspired Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream.

If that’s not scary movie fodder, I do not know what is.


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  1. Mary-Lynn

    Dear The Winnower, my boyfriend is obsessed with Chinchorro mummies and I’m afraid he will attempt to steal one in his upcoming trip to Peru (not that he’s mused on elaborate plans for such as he is CLEARLY no Indiana Jones OH NO). Do I have to break up with him if he does? Or should I just put it in the corner of the living room and hang a coat on it?

    A Lady who takes her moisturizing very seriously

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