Toilet Tattoos Exist, And They Are Awesome (By Laura)

Does your commode need a little à la mode? We present TOILET TATTOOS, the best thing that has ever happened to man or beast.

Speaking of beasts… the beaut below is named, wonderfully, Crowning Glory. Be instantly transported to the great outdoors from the comfort of your very own crapper. Can life get any better? Most definitely, but we’re not here to talk about that.

How about a little holiday spirit for your shitter or a fun lolz for your friend with a killer case of hemorrhoids? The “Rudy” is both!

Or, if you’re the best person alive, perhaps the delightful Tuscany Filigree from their Classic series. To quote, “Elegant and sophisticated, always in style, never outdated.”

In the age of Apple, Google, and Facebook, I’m just glad there’s someone out there making shit like this, ya know? Keeps America REAL. I honestly do think that and maybe you think I’m an asshole but I can’t hear you, I’m too busy living it up At The Beach. Aloha!