Woody Watch

According to Leah Garchik, Woody Allen, who has been shooting his new movie in SF, is expected to be filming at The (3.5 Yelp-starred) Ramp today.

The Ramp’s website confirms, saying that they’re closed today for the shoot, but will reopen Tuesday.

If anyone out there can remember the name of the young-adult-oriented book where the young female protagonist is noticed by Woody Allen as she drops an orange-filled bag of groceries, then tries to get his attention again in a bar, getting embarrassingly drunk in the process, I’ll be eternally grateful.


1 thought on “Woody Watch

  1. pixplz Post author

    Can’t help you with the book title, but just the other day I saw some people doing a shoot inside the Powell BART station, and from a distance the director looked like Woody Allen! So I (literally) ran toward him – because, yes, I wanna be in that movie, and I wasn’t even drunk! – but it was NOT Woody Allen, just some dude filming a propaganda video for BART. I was very upset.

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