Woody Watch

According to Leah Garchik, Woody Allen, who has been shooting his new movie in SF, is expected to be filming at The (3.5 Yelp-starred) Ramp today.

The Ramp’s website confirms, saying that they’re closed today for the shoot, but will reopen Tuesday.

If anyone out there can remember the name of the young-adult-oriented book where the young female protagonist is noticed by Woody Allen as she drops an orange-filled bag of groceries, then tries to get his attention again in a bar, getting embarrassingly drunk in the process, I’ll be eternally grateful.


One thought on “Woody Watch

  1. pixplz Post author

    Can’t help you with the book title, but just the other day I saw some people doing a shoot inside the Powell BART station, and from a distance the director looked like Woody Allen! So I (literally) ran toward him – because, yes, I wanna be in that movie, and I wasn’t even drunk! – but it was NOT Woody Allen, just some dude filming a propaganda video for BART. I was very upset.

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