Stylish Men Of SF, Head To 901 Mission Please

Stylish Man

“…though worrisomely en vogue right now, especially within the thought bubbles of local media, the men of San Francisco do not consist entirely of asshole burrito eaters at Dolores Park sporting hoodies and ink sleeves. They don’t. Really.” [Keeling/SFist]

Winnower pal Brock Keeling responds to Chron columnist Caille Millner’s assertions that SF men dress poorly. Millner knows a nice bag when she sees one, so her sweeping statement that men in SF “wear the same tragic sports gear and hipster flannel, still dress as if the only activities they ever do are weekend warrioring or ordering in pizza for their startups” was a little bit of a disappointment to me. There’s a lot more to SF’s male population that sporty dudes and startup guys, and I feel bad for Millner that she’s missing out.

Then there’s as SFist commenter withak30, who reacted to Millner’s column by saying, “How could I be so foolish as to not dress in a way approved by some woman who works at the newspaper???”

“Stylish Man” taken by by flickr user sohiroshi in SF’s Chinatown


1 thought on “Stylish Men Of SF, Head To 901 Mission Please

  1. Michele

    There are a large number of very stylish men in SF. They just don’t usually hang out in the Mission, which is the ONLY place most SF fashion people bother to look.

    If I see one more hipster, who dressed like they sprayed themselves with glue and then rolled in dirty laundry, held up as a fashion notable I’ll barf in front of Paxton Gate.

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