Disclosure: I Have Always Been More Of A Joey (sted Chandler) Girl

So, the pilot of grief-group-therapy comedy (!?!) Go On, the latest attempt to get a Matthew Perry vehicle going (do we count Studio 60 as a Matt Perry vehicle? He was sure in it a lot. There’s also Mr. Sunshine, though) is there for the watching on Hulu (or above!). It was also televised on the coattails of Wednesday’s Olympics broadcast and, hey, 16.1 million people apparently watched the 11:05 PM broadcast.

If those 16.1 million people are like me, they hate-watched Go On because there have been a variety of smug commercials for it during the Olympics, commercials that those of us who watch “live” (tape delay live, hence the sarcasoquotes) can’t fast forward through the way we would if this were happening during, say, The Biggest Loser (which is impossible to watch live, because there is so much fast forwarding that is required to make the show endurable. SO MUCH).

But I didn’t actually hate Go On! Nice to know I can still surprise myself.

Winnower pal David Wiegand says “the show also has heart and in the right dosage to temper Perry’s arch one-liners.” But he also acknowledges, and I agree, that it’s hard to judge a show from just one episode.

Will my 16.1 million friends and I tune in on September 11 (that’s a tough date to launch!) for the regular season? Even NBC isn’t banking on it, saying in a statement that Wednesday’s “post-prime-time preview of ‘Go On’ aired without commercials and will not be measured in official national Nielsen reports and will not be included in averages for the night, week or season.”