Children Who Need to Check Their Privilege is my favorite new everything (by Laura)

I’m all for breast feeding in public, but…

Merciless white male terrorizes and objectifies woman while forcing Mickey Mouse to watch. Horrifying.

Children Who Need to Check Their Privilege was pointed out to me today and then no work was ever done again. Look at these smug fucking kids, just inherently knowing they’re better than all the Sad Poors, they have it so fucking good. I can’t wait to grow up and become a child with privilege, life is gonna be so great. Oh! Also, this reminds me of that Gawker thread about the Park Slope parents and the case of the unfairly sexed hat. Man, that was one of the internet’s glory days, wasn’t it? It really was.

My second favorite post:
Anonymous asked: how do pacifiers enforce the patriarchy tho

They are a simulated nipple and therefore encourage the objectification of women. They are also used to silence female babies.

That shit is true, though. I am so ready to march on these cisgendered ableist NAEYC-educated cry baby fucks, you have no idea.